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A Free Stock Advisory and Market Forecast Subscription Service
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About Stock Reversals Premium

The Market Analysts Group, LLC was formed in 2009 to provide Market Forecasting and Swing Trading expertise via subscription services to members. is one of our Advisory services

Our Chief Strategist has been a featured writer and guest on regarding Gold forecasting with Alix Steele. Also on with Thom Calandra in the early 2000’s covering small cap stocks. He also has contributed to, been quoted on Bloomberg, and is a Seeking Alpha certified contributor as well as an author of articles at multiple investor websites.

We are very much huge believers in karma. Our belief is that if we share our knowledge and talents and or gifts with the universe at large, and ask nothing in return that we will benefit in one way or another.

We like to donate portions of our trading and investing returns and subscription revenue to KIVA and other charitable organizations.

We believe in being a River and not a Reservoir.

We like to help others enrich their lives in any way that we can.

We believe in teaching others to fish, not handing them a fish.

Our subscribers come to us because of our philosophy of giving, sharing, caring, and spreading wealth to others.  Wealth meaning our knowledge, our dollars, our time, and our caring.  If you agree with how we think, then we welcome you to the SRP membership.

We would love it if you join our KIVA loan team

In short, we originally started as a free stock research and market advisory service to help those who were not familiar with our work, to establish a track record, and to pay it forward for no charge with no strings. Over time, people were very happy with our work and asked if we could give more guidance, more trades, more forecasts, and more details.  That is why we started the Premium Service on 9/1/13.

Our aim was to make this affordable, comprehensive, fun, with low risk and high return potential, and profitable for our subscribers long term.  Our focus is on the fundamentals first, continuing due diligence, a contrarian approach, and technicals for timing.

We also donate portions of all subscriptions to SRP to KIVA, a non-profit lending service helping to end poverty around the world. You can follow our Loan portfolio by clicking the KIVA Logo:

Kiva Logo

Contact us at  with any questions. We respond within 5-15 minutes usually..

The SRP Premium subscription service is for Investors and Traders who want Active Swing Trades, regular E-mail access to our Chief Strategist Dave, Daily and Weekend market and sector forecasts, morning pre-market updates and more.